Curtain Tiebacks and Tassels

커튼봉설치 Curtain tiebacks and tassels add the finishing touch to your drapes. These accessories help pull your curtains back and open them up to let in the light.


Tiebacks are made of flexible materials and attach to a hook on the wall or window frame. They can also wrap around the curtain to hold it in place.


Curtain tiebacks help create a beautiful window treatment and help you control the amount of sunlight that enters your home. They can also add a pop of color or accent your decor, and they come in many different styles to suit any room.

Basic curtain tiebacks may consist of a rope or braid with one or two loops, which are secured around the drape to hold it in place. More elaborate soft furnishing tiebacks often feature tassels or other decorative ornamentation, such as beads or key rings.

You can also use ribbon to make your own DIY tiebacks, which are an inexpensive way to add a colorful accent to your curtains and spruce up your windows. Choose a fabric that matches your window treatments and create a coordinating tassel to attach to the end of the ribbon, if desired. You can also try feathers, beads or scarves for a creative look that reflects your style.

When using a curtain tieback, be sure to hang it at the right height. Generally, a tieback should be installed about a third of the way up from the bottom of the curtain. This allows 커튼봉설치 you to gather the curtain to the right level and adjust the draping above the tieback for your preferred look. Nova Trimmings stock a variety of key tassels and curtain tie backs for you to choose from.


A tassel is a bunch of braided or otherwise entangled threads that has loose, dangling ends. They are often used to decorate clothing and other items such as curtains. They can be made from a variety of materials and in a wide array of colors, sizes and designs. They can even have beads incorporated into them.

A common type of tassel is the “key tassel.” These can be hung from drawer-pulls on your nightstand or adorn your favorite doorknob for a touch of whimsy. They can also be used to dress up a gift. Try wrapping one around a bottle of wine or attaching it to a skeleton key for a stylish twist on a classic party favor.

Tiebacks can include tassels or just be cords that hook to the window frame. A tassel tieback, which includes one end with a fancy tassel and the other with a loop that slips over the tassel, allows you to use the tassel to hang your drapes decoratively back from the frame. Tassel tiebacks come in a range of materials, from silk and metallic floss to burlap and twine, making them appropriate for a variety of interior styles.

Alternatively, you can buy a plain cord that has the same hook on both ends. To create your own tassel, determine how long you want the finished product to be, then cut some thread twice that length. On each piece of thread, string a big bead and then small beads in a sequence, then tie them together. You can also add beads to the end of your curtain tieback for an extra touch of flair.


When fabric is chosen as a curtain tieback material, it can add a beautiful and subtle touch to the overall look of a window treatment. It is possible to match the color of the fabric to the curtains for a polished appearance or choose contrasting fabric for a more eye-catching effect. There are a variety of fabrics that can be used for curtain tiebacks including lace, silk, linen and velvet.

Ribbon can also be used as a curtain tieback material. Ribbons come in a wide range of colors and styles from grosgrain to dotted satin. The ribbons can be made into a simple single loop that ties around the drapes or can feature more elaborate bows and shapes. The size of the ribbon is important as it will determine how big or small the resulting tassels and fringes will be.

Other tassel and trim options can be used as curtain tiebacks, as well. Gimp is an elegant flat braided trim that comes in variegated or solid colors in a strip. Other types of fringe can also be used as tiebacks such as double tassel fringe, key tassel or eyelash fringe.

Another way to create a unique look is to use something unexpected as a curtain tieback. Feathers, beads, scarves or chains can all be used to create a more rustic or eclectic style for the window. It is also a great way to add a splash of color to the space.


If you’ve gone for a smart eyelet curtain heading and a metal pole in modern fabrics then you probably won’t need any other window dressing accessories. The clever way that the eyelets have been spaced creates well behaved columns of fabric that need very little dressing and in fact tucking the first pleat on the leading edge behind a metal curtain boss or wooden tie back can be enough to give them added structure without making them look too fussy.

For those who do want to add a little bit of extra glamour and interest however there’s a great range of tie backs in the home wares section. They come in a wide choice of styles, colours and materials and can be bought either ready-made or with a matching curtain. Most have a pair of ‘D’ shaped rings on them which are hooked onto a tie-back hook which is screwed into the wall beside the outer edge of the curtains.

There are lots of different styles of tie-backs to choose from including tassel tie backs which have one or more sets of tassels attached to a cord with one or two loops. There are also decorative ruched ones and pendulum tie backs which consist of a large handing ornamental pendulum with ropes that loop around the curtain to pull it forward and create a softly curved drape effect.